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Welcome to the Josip Konta Metaverse and Augmented Reality (AR). Enjoy a new dimension of art!

Welcome to a world where digital innovation meets art. This project is a result of collaboration with Daniel Pikl, an expert and owner of the


❑ Solo exhibition - art gallery of Boutique Hotel Alhambra 5* & Villa Augusta 5*, island Losinj, Croatia

❑ Group exhibition - art gallery of Hotel Bellevue 5*, island Losinj, Croatia

❑ Solo exhibition by Josip Konta at magical Boutique Hotel Alhambra 5* & Villa Augusta 5*, on the beautiful island Losinj, Croatia.

❑ Group exhibition with sculptures and paintings by Josip Konta at magnificent Bellevue Hotel 5*, on the beautiful


In the luxury Boutique Hotel Alhambra 5* on the Island of Lošinj, a representative solo sales exhibition of Josip Konte has been set up.
Bronze sculptures and oils on canvas will be on display.
In parallel with this exhibition, a group exhibition with three

A group exhibition has been set up in the luxurious Bellevue Hotel 5*, with three sculptures and six oils on canvas of the new painting cycle of Josip Konta. Remarkably interesting artworks by international artists are exhibited on the 300 m2 art gallery in the heart of the hotel.
In parallel, a representative solo exhibition


An art gallery has been set up at the beautiful five-star Bellevue Hotel on the beautiful Island of Losinj, Croatia,  with a group exhibition of modern and contemporary art.

At the art exhibition in the hotel gallery, you can see 17 exhibited bronze sculptures by Josip Konta. Also,


The sculptures were badly damaged by the earthquake. We will repair and rebuild what is needed. The time has come for the human race to finally learn something from all this.

We love you.

Stay safe.

Galerija Libar held its 19th annual auction at the Sheraton Hotel in Zagreb. 19 years of exceptional quality persistence is commendable.

We sincerely congratulate you and wish you at least as many annual auctions in the future. See you at the Jubilee 20th Auction next year!

During the auction, a valuable exhibition was set up, in which a special place was taken by the sculptures of Josip Konta - TORSO, year 1976, bronze, edition 3/8 and PRAYER FOR PEACE, year 1982, bronze,


From 28.09. to 05.10. a sales exhibition of modern and contemporary art was held at the luxurious Bellevue Hotel 5*, on the beautiful Island of Losinj, Croatia, which included a special Beauty offer at Bellevue Spa Clinic, specially designed for the duration of this cultural event.
This exhibition wes realized in a joint collaboration - JOSIP KONTA art studio, Boutique Hotel Alhambra 5*, Bellevue Hotel 5*, Galerija Libar and Patrizio Contemporary

We are pleased to present a group exhibition at the gallery of the beautiful Boutique Hotel Alhambra 5*, realized in a joint  collaboration - JOSIP KONTA art studio, Boutique Hotel Alhambra 5*, Bellevue Hotel 5*, Galerija Libar and Patrizio Contemporary gallery.

Josip Konta's artworks can be found at the Libar Gallery ( located at the Sheraton Hotel in Zagreb.

On photos you can see sculpture PRAYER FOR PEACE from year 1982, cast in bronze, and SCULPTURE SILHOUETTES, combined technique, from year 2019.

At the Art Fair "NESVRSTANI - Boutique Art Fair 2019", which lasted from June 23 until June 16. held in Lauba, in Zagreb, Josip Konta was presented by the Italian gallerist Marco Antonio Patrizio, who exhibited three Perina sculptures POET IN HIS PRIME, WOMEN'S GAMES AND CHAMPION alongside the great artists such as Lucio Fontana, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Igor Mitoraj, Giorgio De Chirico, Bernard Aubertin, Pep Marchegiani and Josef Albers. 

Solo exhibition "Sea motives" by Josip Konta was held from May 1 to May 31 at the Gallery Kavana Lav, Opaticka 2, Zagreb, Croatia.

Solo exhibition SMALL RETROSPECTIVE in the St. Krsevana Gallery in Sibenik, Don Krste Stosis bb street. The exhibition is open from 11 to 27 April.

1. Solo exhibition at the Gallery of St. Krsevana - Fine Art and Contemporary Art Gallery of the city of Sibenik, Croatia. The exhibition will open on Thursday, April 11, 2019.

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